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How to Correct a VIN

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 04:43PM CDT

So you've filed your 2290 and got your stamped Schedule 1, but you realize that for whatever the reason, a VIN number is incorrect. What should you do now? Follow these steps to correct a VIN number (you can use the same steps even if you did not originally file through us):

  1. Login to
  2. If you already have your business profile setup, proceed to step 3, otherwise do this:
    • Provide your business information details in the boxes listed
    • You must use a valid EIN as the IRS no longer accepts SSN.
    • An EIN has to be at least 2 weeks old before it is considered valid for e-Filing.
  3. Click on Select next to the business you need to correct a VIN for
  4. Click on Create New Return
  5. Select the Tax Year you're filing a VIN Correction for. This is the same as the one in your original filing.
  6. Select the Month First Used. This is the same as the one in your original filing.
  7. Leave Final Return unchecked unless this is your final return and going out of business.
  8. Leave Address Changed unchecked unless your address has changed since your last filing or you selected it on a previous filing.
  9. Click on Amended 2290 Return
  10. Click on the VIN correction toggle bar
  11. Click on Add New next to VIN Correction
  12. On the new popup window, provide your New VIN and provide the Old VIN (the one that appeared incorrectly on your original filing).
  13. Provide the Vehicle Type information according to your original filing.
    1. ​Select Taxable (or Tax Suspended) as yes or no
    2. Select Logging as yes or no
    3. Select Weight Category
    4. Select Agriculture as yes or no
  14. Click the green checkmark to Save
  15. Click Next
  16. Provide Third Party Designee if applicable. This person will be able to speak to the IRS on your behalf regarding this filing. Then click Next.
  17. Consent to Disclosure of Tax Information will default to Yes
    • Yes or No does not affect your filing in anyway.
  18. Sign the 8453-EX form with the mouse or touch screen
  19. Click Next
  20. Review for accuracy and click Proceed to Pay
  21. Once the IRS accepts the form you will be emailed the Schedule 1 pdf or you can access it from your account.  (Login, click select next to business profile, locate icon under the Schedule 1 column.)

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